Brian Cavanagh

                                                                          BRIAN THOMAS CAVANAGH



“Beloved, legendary, flamboyant, dedicated, passionate, jovial and authentic are just a few of the adjectives used to describe veteran homicide prosecutor Brian Cavanagh,” reported the SunSentinel news beneath a dramatic courtroom photograph.  The caption continued: “Retiring prosecutor’s dad inspired ‘Kojak.’  His closing arguments inspired fear in Broward murder defendants.”

Recently retired as Chief of the Homicide Trial Unit, Mr. Cavanagh worked with distinction for more than 38 years as an Assistant State Attorney in the Broward State Attorney’s Office.  He personally handled or supervised hundreds of homicide cases at all stages of their investigative review and court resolution during his career, himself engaging in the jury trials of over 100 first degree murder cases.  His many Grand Jury presentments included an estimated 50 police-involved shooting cases as well as countless perplexing fatalities of all description and degree in the course of 27 years singularly spent as a homicide prosecutor.

Mr. Cavanagh is a graduate of the University of Miami School of Law and obtained his undergraduate degree from Hamilton College, where as a tri-sport student athlete he was a competitive swimmer, baseball player and storied captain of the water polo team.  He hails from a family tradition of law enforcement that has long served to enlighten his perspectives and provide depth to his own experiences and analyses.  Both his father and grandfather were renowned New York City detectives, and he counts numerous cousins and uncles who have similarly maintained the highest standards of the police profession in service to their communities.  As an ocean beach lifeguard for 9 years with the Long Beach Patrol on Long Island, Mr. Cavanagh often fathomed life and death situations in protecting lives and performing lifesaving rescues in treacherous seas.  A committed mindset honed from this background inspired his ascent as a consummate prosecutor possessing a breadth of valued insight while working closely with an array of dedicated public safety officers and seasoned homicide detectives.